Lyrical Love – Romance Through the Sound of Music

Coming up on Tuesday, March 14th at 7pm, we will be discussing popular (pop) music and its connection to love. Did you know that love appears in the majority of pop songs?

Love and music were first tied together in the Middle Ages when lovers would serenade each other. The Romantic Period of the 19th century saw an increase of music that was devoted to romantic love. Shocking, right? Composers like Berlioz and Vivaldi were at the center of this movement and created literal masterpieces dedicated to love.

Since the 50s and 60s, pop music has had a love affair with love. Songs about heartbreak, love gone wrong, love gone right and just love in general have abounded. That trend continues today.

Studies show that romantic music can make us feel a certain way. It can get us in the mood for love or remind us of a lover long gone. We have physiological and emotional reactions to music.

Learn more about this on Tuesday. There will be no recording, but lots of music and love. Get the Zoom link at:

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