How to Write a Love Letter to Yourself

Love letters are sweet. We all love receiving them. Maybe, it’s more like love emails these days, but still – the sentiments are the same. As part of the Your Own Soulmate (YOS) protocol, we encourage our clients to write a letter to themselves.

When writing a love letter to yourself, you must write about the things you believe to be true that are also positive about yourself. If you don’t love yourself already – and that’s okay – we still want you to write a love letter to yourself as if you loved yourself.

Don’t be alarmed. We know that everyone is at a different place in their journey, and we will meet you where you’re at. This should not be stressful. If you’re truly not ready to write that love letter to yourself, it’s okay. You can work on getting to love yourself with some one-on-one coaching sessions with either Deidre Prince or myself. We can be reached at

If you determine that you can and want to write the letter, do so. Tell yourself what you love about yourself and why you love yourself. We realize this can be uncomfortable for people, especially women. We are not encouraged to toot our own horns and many of us are uncomfortable with praising ourselves or even thinking about ourselves positively.

It’s not bragging if it’s true. Let’s face it – you have some amazing qualities. You are loved. Therefore, you are lovable and hopefully that helps you get closer to loving yourself. Below find a sample love letter I wrote to myself just now. It’s not perfect – you can’t get it wrong – but it’s a start.

Dear Deanna,

You are a kind and compassionate woman. I love how you care for your friends and family. Your children are lucky to have you. You are beautiful on the inside and outside. Many people depend upon you for your kindness and willingness to help. You want the world to be a better place just because you live in it, and you try to make that a reality. I recognize that in you and want to commend you for being unapologetically you.

You are unique and special and have a great deal to be thankful for. I hope this letter will remind you of that in moments where it’s difficult to see your own worth.

I love you.


So, what’s your letter going to look like? We can’t wait to have you join us in March for the first-ever Your Own Soulmate (YOS) group. Want to get involved? It’s only $297 for six, 90-minute sessions. Reach out to us at We’d love to have you invest in yourself and learn to love yourself as you are in this moment.

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