Your Own Soulmate – Event Information!

This might not come as a surprise to you,

               47% of Americans say dating is harder that it was a decade ago

56% single-and-looking women say it’s hard to find someone who meets their expectations

65% Single-and-looking women report trouble meeting someone seeking the same kind of relationship they are looking for

52% of women say it’s hard to approach someone

(Pew Research, 2020)

Yikes. What’s going on?  Was love/dating/getting married always this difficult?

And when it comes to “how” we have so many options! So, what’s the problem?

What about your statistics?  What do they say about your ability to meet (and keep) your soulmate?

If you desire to have a long term, committed, intimate relationship, what is stopping you?

And, more importantly, what are you doing about it?

The bottom line is:  What you are doing isn’t working. Maybe you…

  • Shape yourself into the greatest looking version you can be? And don’t recognize yourself.
  • Act like “the good girl”or guy  waiting for a suitor?  And go out with anyone who asks.
  • Pursue them like “the modern woman or man”? And get burned.
  • Choose unavailable (married, gay, incarcerated) partners? And lose every time.
  • Mold yourself to become what (s)he desires and likes? And then (s)he changes his/her mind.    

And what happens when you do “get him/her?”  

Maybe you “got him/her” but couldn’t “keep him/her.”

Or you got him, and he wasn’t “The One”.

Perhaps you just flat out NEVER got him. 

Maybe, in the process, you lost you?

Then you had to start all over, with a new guy or gal.

Rinse and repeat. 

How much more time do you have to waste on this relentless cycle?

Here’s the good news:  Experience is the best teacher.

We have experienced all these, and more, with 60+ years combined of experience in creating and maintaining loving, intimate, secure relationships. Not to mention failing a lot along the way.

We show you the tools to turn around the cycle of failed relationships and the “why me’s” that people use to beat themselves up.

These tools were developed through trial and error, using science and fiction, perfected through failure and success.

This is your opportunity to learn what works and what doesn’t, from Certified Coaches with 100’s hours experience delivering life changing results to clients.

Your Own Soulmate has developed the protocol that gets you from where you are to where you want to be.

Starting March 7, 2023, join us every other Tuesday at 7-8:30 pm (Central) as we

  • Explore the things (the top 5 behaviors!!) people do to prevent finding their soulmate.
  • Replace repelling behaviors with what attracts a partner.
  • Develop your game plan on finding your soulmate.
  • Dispel the notion that there is something wrong with you.
  • Eliminate bad choices and wasted time.
  • Increase your attraction factor.
  • Find peace and security in relationships.
  • Reduce heartbreak for yourself.
  • Become a magnet for the right people.
  • Learn proven strategies for finding your soulmate.
  • Create relationships that last.

Price is $297 for all six sessions. Contact for more information on the program or how to get enrolled today! Spaces are limited.

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