What is a soulmate?

A soulmate is a commonly held concept that we have another half waiting somewhere in the world for us. Soulmates “complete” us. Two halves making a whole.

We are here to challenge the concept of a soulmate. It’s not outside of yourself. It’s within you. You have everything you need to be happy and well within yourself. You don’t need someone to complete you. You complete you. If you follow our protocol, then you will discover what that means and how to love yourself for perhaps the first time ever.

Hollywood gives us lies about soulmates. Rom Coms and Disney movies abound with couples looking for their other half and well, it’s sort of degrading to we women especially. Some women give up on living their lives until ‘the one’ comes along and they end up in relationships where they are being chosen, not doing the choosing.

Yes, there is a huge difference. When you do the choosing, you begin to think of the qualities and needs you have that you want met in not just your romantic relationship but all of your relationships. You start putting yourself first.

Welcome! Be prepared to open your mind and eyes to being your own soulmate. It’s a simple yet revolutionary concept.